On-Site Production Training
Focused On Improving Your Bottom Line

For 20+ years, Tim has been consulting and working shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the finest remodeling companies in the US & Canada. Tim's Two-day on-site consulting, named "The Tim Tour" focuses on identifying areas for improvement and efficiency within your production department, helping your company ultimately become more successful and profitable.

DAY ONE is spent meeting with stakeholders and key personnel, evaluating what you are doing now and making recommendations for improvement.

DAY TWO is for training your team on the recommendations and key steps for improvement.

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We recently invited Tim to come and do an assessment of our production team... Once we heard what Tim had to say, we decided to bring the entire staff into the training. The way he was able to impart his wisdom and bring it all around, not just for the production team, but all members of the company was amazing.

While his main goal for being here was to improve my department, we found that he has improved every aspect of our team and has brought all together and our company is better for it.

I would not hesitate to recommend Tim Faller in the future.
Trust me he is worth it.

— Allen Dickey, VP Construction
5th Generation Contracting, Inc.

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The Tim Faller Show Podcast

You Don't Know Tim?

For the past 17 years, Tim has worked with hundreds of remodeling companies, large and small, to help improve profits by creating smooth, efficient production systems. Tim has interviewed and worked with countless owners, employees, stakeholders and vendors as he travels across the US & Canada, consulting with some of the most successful remodelers in the industry.

As a Senior Consultant and “Master of Production” for Remodelers Advantage, Tim’s field and business ownership experience is vital to his additional role as a facilitator for both Owner and Production Manager Roundtables Groups.

In addition to being a published author and very popular industry speaker, Tim is Co-host of The Tim Faller Show, a weekly podcast focused on “Improving The Bottom Line Through Production Training."

In 2019 Tim released his book, “Dear Remodeler, Lessons on Life, Leadership and Production” which is now also available as an audiobook as well.